Restart required for sshd after update to 9.8_p1 on edge

Due the changes in openssh, after upgrading openssh to 9.8_p1 or higher, a restart of sshd is required. Otherwise sshd is not able to accept new connections.

This only affects Alpine Linux edge, and will affect the upcoming 3.21 release.

After upgrading, run the following command:

rc-service sshd restart

From the OpenSSH 9.8_p1 release notes:

  • sshd(8): the server has been split into a listener binary, sshd(8), and a per-session binary “sshd-session”. This allows for a much smaller listener binary, as it no longer needs to support the SSH protocol. As part of this work, support for disabling privilege separation (which previously required code changes to disable) and disabling re-execution of sshd(8) has been removed. Further separation of sshd-session into additional, minimal binaries is planned for the future.