Alpine 2.1.5 released

We are pleased to announce the Alpine 2.1.5 release.

This release includes an update to use kernels.

Various packages have bugfixes from upstream. Among these are:

The package manager has fixes that solve issues when upgrading to edge.

Please consult the bugtracker and cgit for more details.

Package changes since 2.1.4

New packages:

Upgraded/downgraded packages (from version): acf-core-0.12.0-r0 (0.11.0-r0) acf-kamailio-0.3.1-r0 (0.2.0-r0) acf-lib-0.2.0-r0 (0.1.3-r0) alpine-base-2.1.5-r0 (2.1.4-r0) alpine-conf-2.5.4-r2 (2.5.4-r1) apk-tools-2.0.9-r0 (2.0.7-r2) asterisk-1.8.3-r0 (1.8.1-r0) asterisk-fax-1.8.3-r0 (1.8.1-r0) asterisk-odbc-1.8.3-r0 (1.8.1-r0) asterisk-pgsql-1.8.3-r0 (1.8.1-r0) asterisk-sample-config-1.8.3-r0 (1.8.1-r0) asterisk-sqlite-1.8.3-r0 (1.8.1-r0) asterisk-tds-1.8.3-r0 (1.8.1-r0) bind-9.7.3-r0 (9.7.2_p2-r0) bind-libs-9.7.3-r0 (9.7.2_p2-r0) bind-tools-9.7.3-r0 (9.7.2_p2-r0) dahdi-linux-grsec- ( dovecot-2.0.11-r0 (2.0.6-r0) freeswitch-1.0.7-r0 (1.0.6-r14) heimdal-1.3.3-r1 (1.3.3-r0) iscsitarget-grsec- ( kamailio-3.1.2-r0 (3.1.1-r0) libcrypto1.0-1.0.0d-r0 (1.0.0c-r0) libssl1.0-1.0.0d-r0 (1.0.0c-r0) linux-firmware- ( linux-grsec- ( mkinitfs-2.1.2-r2 (2.1.2-r1) openrc-0.6.1-r5 (0.6.1-r4) openssl-1.0.0d-r0 (1.0.0c-r0) samba-3.5.8-r0 (3.5.6-r0) samba-common-3.5.8-r0 (3.5.6-r0) samba-initscript-3.5.8-r0 (3.5.6-r0) xtables-addons-grsec- (

Important notes when upgrading from v1.10

Note: There might be packages with same version number in v1.10 repositories so it is very important that the --available option is there to make sure that those gets replaced properly

apk del wget

Note: Uninstalling alpine-sdk might remove sudo. To make it stay you'll first have to do:

apk add sudo