Alpine 2.2.2 released

The Alpine Linux project is pleased to announce immediate availability of version 2.2.2 of its Alpine Linux operating system.

This bugfix release fixes the following issues:

For a full list of changes please see the git log or bugtracker.

Packages changed in Alpine 2.2.2 from 2.2.1

Removed packages:

New packages:

Upgraded/downgraded packages (from version):
alpine-base-2.2.2-r0              (2.2.1-r0)
alpine-conf-2.8.1-r1              (2.8.1-r0)
bind-9.8.0_p2-r0              (9.8.0-r0)
bind-libs-9.8.0_p2-r0             (9.8.0-r0)
bind-tools-9.8.0_p2-r0            (9.8.0-r0)
libc0.9.32-0.9.32_rc3-r14         (0.9.32_rc3-r12)
postfix-2.8.3-r0              (2.8.2-r1)
uclibc-utils-0.9.32_rc3-r14       (0.9.32_rc3-r12)